Foundations for Christian Living

A study of the Westminster Confession of Faith

It has been said that possessing a sound theology is like having Velcro on your mind and a heart that helps you catch and retain biblical truth. Please take the opportunity to listen to the classes and go through the resources that cover foundational Christian theology with an eye toward helping us apply the great truths of Scripture in our everyday lives.  Dick Bowser led us through a study of the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF), which is part of our church’s constitution. Dick has been a Ruling Elder in our denomination for many years, holds degree in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary and teaches at Campbell University School of Law.  He is a gifted teacher, and we are very glad to have him as we know you will benefit greatly from his teaching.  As the Apostle Paul has written in Ephesians chapter 4, growing in our understanding of the theology matures us into people who build each other up in love.  We hope you join us for this life changing study.