The Journey Home

by: Marilyn Helms

Dear God...

One of my father’s last prayers was “Dear God, we may not have the strength we want, we may not have the mind we want, but we thank you for bringing us this far.” Rob and I had the privilege of sharing our home with my dad for the last 15 months of his life, and with my mom for her last 8 years. I learned from them that the end of life’s journey, like the end of a long road trip, can be rough. Comfortable seats gain hard edges and knobs, and our stiff legs forget how to move. We become argumentative and cranky. We’re anxious to arrive but uncertain that where we’ll be tomorrow will be as good as where we were yesterday.

An unopened gift – the American Dream vs. the Christian Hope, & Waterfalls

By: Dan Seale

An Unopened Gift

Don’t you love receiving gifts from people who know you well and know just what you want and need? 

This past Sunday Brad Rogers preached a great sermon about a gift from God who knows us well and knows what we need but many of us have failed to open that gift and receive its benefits.  Click here to listen to the sermon The Rest of God if you missed it. I think a second listen for those of us present would be worth the time to let the truth sink in and help us make better use of God’s gift of the Sabbath.

In Defense of Noises Perpetrated by the Youngest Members of the Congregation

By: Michael Bowser

When I moved to Chattanooga for college, I attended a church that had a high percentage of young children. It also had hard wood floors, wooden pews, hard walls, and big glass windows. All of that together made it loud . . . really loud. Every sound was amplified. And with lots of kids came constant sounds of Bibles or pens or feet hitting the floor, and sounds of kids whispering—you know, the voice kids use that is maybe technically a whisper but can be heard outside in a thunderstorm without much difficulty.