We are a community of people committed to declaring and displaying the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that we, as a church, might live in such a way that Jesus might be more beautiful and believable to North Raleigh.

We desire Redeemer to be...

1. A Worshiping Community - A community that makes worshiping the Lord together particularly in corporate worship a priority.

2. A Serving Community - a community that looks out for the needs of others, considering others as more important than ourselves (a "you" first mentality), pouring out our lives for God, one another and the world.

3. A Praying Community - a community committed to looking to God in prayer and not ourselves to accomplish His work.

4. A Family Community - A community where we have spiritual mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters to whom we are connected and called to love and serve.

5. A Learning Community - a community committed to learning biblical truth and applying it to all of life.

6. A Growing Community - a community striving to grow in love for God, one another, and service to God as we proclaim the Gospel to the community around us through our words and actions. 

7. A Hopeful Community - a community that believes God is at work in our midst and in the world extending his Kingdom

These characteristics are adapted from Sinclair Ferguson's teaching on Acts 2.