Praying for Your Vacation

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I am not sure we all think that well about how to vacation well; I know I don’t. Many of us have had the experience of our vacations not turning out to be what he had hoped. Yet, we may not know how to gain what we really want and need from a vacation, and we may have never thought to pray for it either. This short article, written by scholars Andreas and Marny Köstenberger, about how to pray for your vacation gives some thoughts on what God might want us to pursue on our vacations. I am not sure what I think of every single aspect of this article, but it’s certainly worth chewing on before you get away – and helpful to reflect on after the fact.

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Series on Rest (pt. 1): Summer is no Vacation

By: Rachel Rogers

I love summer time!  It’s the promise of a break: from gray, colorless days and lifeless trees, from heavy winter clothes and chasing mittens on cold mornings.  Every kid knows that “summer” is equal to replacing homework and lunchboxes with swimming pools and popsicles. Many of us even change up our normal routine for a trip or a vacation along the way. Isn’t that the lure of summer?  A rest, a vacation, or at least a break from the normal? Does your heart long for a deep rest like mine? Are you disappointed, like me, when summer schedules and trips start to feel hectic and overwhelming?

Kathryn Butler’s article “Summer Vacation is No Sabbath” reminded me recently that it is not summer vacation my heart is actually longing for.  No, we were created for a different, deeper rest than any season or trip can offer. It’s actually when my soul learns to rest in the finished work of Christ that I find the shalom I seek.  It was a timely and helpful article; I hope it will encourage you too.  I’ll still be enjoying my homework-free evenings while the popsicles drip and my kids splash in the pool; and if you see me there, please remind me to keep searching deeper, for real soul rest in Jesus.  (Read the article here)