tim keller

The Gospel and Humor

By: Brad Rogers

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When I was younger, my older sister was fond of letting me know that I did not have much of a personality.  When I grew older and had some opportunities to speak publicly, she told me on more than one occasion, “Brad, you are not funny.”  She didn’t leave it to me to infer how she meant for me to apply these words either as she followed with “so don’t try to be.” 

Humor is not something that we often reflect on with a whole lot of depth as too much reflection would likely ruin it – especially if we are not funny.  Pastor and author Timothy Keller has reflected on how gospel truths can affect one’s sense of humor in article you will find linked below.  I think this article is worth the read not merely for his thoughts on humor, but even more so for his thinking on how we change in all areas of life as gospel truths sink deeper into our hearts. The reading is not quite as light as the title might lead you to believe, but it’s not a difficult read either.

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