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By: Sean Scott

I love going to the movies. The new recliners, questionable popcorn, escaping into a world that seems far different to the one I experience every day. I love going with friends and family, it is an almost universally accepted “fun” thing to do. Enjoying movies and TV shows is an easy thing for me… What comes harder for me is thinking critically and evaluating forms of entertainment, instead of simply escaping. As a believer and follower of Jesus, I want to be engaged with the world around me, yet not of it.

A resource I have found helpful is a podcast produced by RYM (Reformed Youth Ministries) called “The Local Youth Worker”. Recently, they took a week to evaluate Marvel: Infinity Wars, Fortnite, and 13 Reasons Why. I would encourage you to listen to these episodes, if for no other reason than these conversations are important for how we engage with the world. Discerning culture through a Biblical world and life view is something we find valuable in our youth ministry. These 20-minute episodes are conversational and were helpful for me as I wrestle with how to talk to my wife, friends, and students about things relevant to our current culture. The episode links are below:

Episode 161

Episode 162

Episode 163

Episode 164

Episode 165