Talking with Singles in the Church

By: Brad Rogers

Have you ever known someone who is single that you would like to see married off for some reason or another (most likely your desire to see them happy or happier than they are currently)?  This commonly happens in the church, but it’s certainly not limited to the church.  Unfortunately, those of us who have ever felt this way often say things to these friends of ours that are less than helpful even though we may have the best of intentions. Attached, you will find a blog post from Kevin DeYoung’s blog, which was mainly written by an unmarried woman in a church he formerly pastored.  I would wish to nuance 1 or 2 of the things she says, but it is well done and provides helpful corrective to many of us who need to think a little more before we speak.  The blog is titled, “What Not to Say to Single Women in Your Church,” but I think much of it applies to how one speaks to unmarried men as well. To read the blog, click here

Racial Differences, Our Culture, and the Church

By: Brad Rogers

To say that the issues revolving around race is a hot button topic here in the US runs the risk of describing the situation too mildly.  Unfortunately, our inability to talk about racial concerns perpetuates and, at times, exasperates the problem in our culture. Misunderstandings are all too easy to come by and many of us respond by saying nothing as that can seem like the safest course. Sadly, for those of us who seek to take the Bible seriously, racial strife is not just a problem “out there” in culture, it exists in our churches as well.  How do we pursue racial reconciliation in the church when we don’t all agree on the extent of our racial divides or the best ways to address them? In this article, Kevin DeYoung seeks to isolate the real agreements and disagreements many Christians have regarding race with the hopes of helping to stimulate more constructive dialogue that leads to better possible solutions.  I commend this to you not because I think we will all agree on everything here, but because I think Kevin brings forward many of the issues we need to be thinking about in the body of Christ with respect to race.

Read the article here.