Should Christians Exercise

By: Brad Rogers


Earlier today, I read the transcript of a recent podcast titled, “Should Christians Care about Physical Fitness?”  As a pastor with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, I was drawn to see what it had to say.  I already knew what I thought so I was glad to find out the speakers agreed that Christians should care about their physical fitness.  All too often Christians fall into a mind/body divide that is gnostic and unbiblical.  God made us as embodied wholes – spirit, mind, and body. While I thought the podcast was decent, I found Dan Doriani’s article more interesting and inciteful, and so I am pumping it instead.

You may have a job like me that largely constrains you to a desk where you sit at a computer for much of your day.  You may have read that “sitting is the new smoking” in terms of long-term health problems, and there is a good bit of truth in such articles. Taking care of the body God has given to you is not an insignificant matter. In the past year, I have found a better routine for exercise even though I am no longer able to run as much as I would like. I have found that I sleep better, think better, feel better, handle stress better, and I generally act much better when I exercise. I have found that it’s important that I take appropriate measures to build it into my schedule, especially when I am busy.  

As Dr. Doriani mentions, not everyone can exercise for various reasons (health, seasons of life, etc.).  However, for those of us who can, regular exercise may be an important part of what it means for us to steward our bodies and follow Jesus.  I invite you to further reflect on this topic by reading, “Be Strong and Courageous – Literally” here.