Dishonoring Jesus with Political Animosity

By: Brad Rogers


I see the familiar campaign signs (and the new-to-me unwanted text messages) that tell me it’s time for Americans to get out and vote. I can't remember a mid-term election more passionately charged than this 2018 election. Like many others have lamented, there seems to be so much passion with precious little substance in the political commentaries that I hear and read. This cultural environment provides a meaningful opportunity for those who follow Christ to show light rather than merely heating the fires of passion in the way we discuss politics. In this short excerpt from a lecture he gave on the biblical book of Revelation, New Testament scholar, D.A. Carson, expresses his concern that American Christians are so busy denouncing everyone that we find it difficult to display the compassionate love of Christ. He wrote it in 2005, and I think it’s truer today than it was then. If we follow Christ we ought to speak and act like Christ when we voice our political views (or any other views for that matter); otherwise, we risk people’s readiness to hear us speak about the love of Jesus for all the political vitriol they have witnessed spewing from our mouths or through our keyboards.

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