Walking Faithfully with Jesus Through 50 Years of Pain and Suffering

By: Brad Rogers

The idea of living a fruitful and pleasing life before the Lord in the midst of debilitating suffering is not something most of us in our success-driven culture think is possible much less desirable.   I have never met Joni Erickson Tada, but she is a hero to me because she has walked with the Lord for over 50 years through trials so severe, they are almost unimaginable.  Yet, her faith and walk with the Lord are a vibrant testimony to His goodness.  Whenever I read anything she writes or says, I find I have a better grip on reality, and I find myself desiring to know Jesus the way that she does – just without the pain.  Her theology is rich and practical. If you don’t know of Joni or have never read any of her writing, this interview (published last year in Christianity Today on the 50th anniversary of her diving accident that left her quadriplegic for life) is a great place to start.  If you do know of her and have read much of her writing, I am sure you will be glad to hear from her again.  Read the article here