What do Sunday School and Star Wars have in common?

No we are not doing some cheesy Sunday School class around Star Wars characters - don't worry.  The connection is related to what happened at General Assembly, our denomination's annual meeting.

The theme of General Assembly this year was Refreshed: In and for the Cross and thankfully I left feeling refreshed. I was generally encouraged by the actions of our assembly; refreshed by faithful preaching, equipped by helpful seminars, and encouraged through time spent with friends. Two of those friends were our missionaries Tim Mountfort and Cartee Bales.

Over the next several weeks in Adult Sunday School we will be listening to some of the seminars from General Assembly.   The next two weeks we will listen to a panel discussion regarding Sexual Behavior in a Fallen World. The following week we will listen to The PCA, Race, Remembrance, Repentance, Reconciliation & Rejoicing: A Personal Journey by Ligon Duncan and Sean Lucas.

If you are a church polity junkie click here for a summary of the assembly by our stated clerk. Christianity Today covered the most significant event here.  We will talk about this more in Sunday School.

On a bit of a humorous note, here is the connection to Star Wars.  We finally voted on a logo after 40 plus years of existence. It is probably the coolest logo in the world if you are a Star Wars fan. You will see what I mean here.  In all transparency I voted for the other option, though I am a Star Wars fan. The  official logo can be seen here.

 Grace and peace,