Aftermath of a Divided Election: What Now?

Some in our nation and our church are rejoicing, others are weeping. Some are hopeful and others are fearful. Some are indifferent.  The toll this election has taken on our country and the church is significant. 

What now?

The Scripture I read the Sunday before the election still holds true.

Daniel 2:20-21

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might.  He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding

Psalm 103:19

The LORD has established his throne in the heavens and his kingdom rules over all.

God is the King ruling over all of creation, today, tomorrow, and over the next 4 years and 400 years and beyond. Our ultimate political alliance is to King Jesus and His Kingdom

These are not clichés to enable us to disengage but truth that should enable all to engage in our mission, to make disciples helping each other know and follow Jesus for the glory of God and the good of Raleigh and the world.

As a church, we are a family of brothers and sisters in Christ and our union with Christ is greater and stronger than the politics that might divide us.  I hope the Gospel is evident to all as we love one another well particularly with those who voted differently than us.  We are a church that proclaims Christ crucified and risen and not a political party.  We have prayed for our leaders faithfully no matter what letter stands behind their name and we will continue to pray for our government leaders.

These hopeful words from Pastor Mark Dever to his congregation following the recent election express my hopes for our congregation.

If culture is coarsened or some members of our church or community have lives that are made more difficult, we will, as we’ve always done, work to bind up the wounds, and encourage their continued discipleship and witness until the Lord returns or calls us home. We will pray for goodness and justice and right to triumph, but we will harbor no illusions that if Gore or McCain or Hillary Clinton had been elected, then the Fall would have been reversed. In our politics, the victors and the vanquished live in a fallen world, even though they experience the fall differently. Pray that we learn well from listening to each other’s histories, as I’ve tried to learn. And pray that God would give us wisdom in knowing how best to respond to those that we’re wondering if we should regard as our enemies.

What now? We continue to  help others know and follow Jesus.  How we engage people can be life changing.  I have mentioned Rosaria Butterfield before and I would direct you to what she says about the difference Christians made in her life:

“I fell in love with Jesus and his church because of the way Christians could stand, weep, walk, and be gracious with me.”

May we be such Christians to those around us who need Jesus. Please take 4 minutes and watch the entire video to hear how Christians helped Rosaria fall in love with Jesus and his church.

 Grace and peace,

 Pastor Dan