Changes will take place in each of our lives in 2018 and that tends to be even more out of our control. However, my prayer is that as we engage in our Community Bible Reading that our hearts and minds will become wet clay ready and willing to be shaped by the Potter, making us more and more into the image of Jesus.  As we spend time communing with God and building community around His Word we will be shaped and molded by truth.  I encourage you keep re-starting as many times as needed the Community Bible Reading.  If you miss a day – start the next day. If you miss a week – start again new that day–don’t try to play catch up.  Seek to meet with God each day and share your time in the word with someone.  May God transform us by the renewing of our mind as we meet with Him regularly.

- Dan Seale, Senior Pastor

This year we are working through the CBR Journal for our Bible Reading Plan. Need a journal? Pick one up in the church office or follow along online HERE.